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Former NBA MVP Reveals His Personal GOAT

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10-time NBA All-Star and one-time MVP recently opened up about Los Angeles Lakers legend being his “NBA GOAT.” In a recent interview with , Harden credited Bryant as the player who helped him “fall in love with the game” of basketball.

“I mean, there was only one person who made me love, I mean fall in love with the game, and that’s Kobe Bryant. Being from LA and being a Lakers fan watching him grow up and win several championships and his passion and love and what he did for the game of basketball, I think the world, you know, feels the same way, but that’s why I started playing basketball. The skill set and things that I’ve learned, I kind of picked up on my own, but as far as falling in love with the game, it’s definitely been Kobe.”

Former NBA MVP Reveals His Personal GOAT

Kobe Bryant’s Impact

In his illustrious 20-year career, Bryant accomplished everything in the NBA. The Basketball Hall of Famer was an 18-time NBA All-Star, a five-time NBA champion, a one-time MVP, a five-time scoring champion, and a 12-time All-Defensive selection, among many other accolades. Bryant inspired a whole generation of future NBA talents beyond Harden. Players like , , and have all mentioned Bryant as a player who heavily inspired them. Additionally, , Harden’s teammate, said was the of his generation.

🐭“He was my Michael Jordan,” Los Angeles Clippers forward Paul George said. “Growing up as a SoCal kid, he was what everybody, every kid wanted to be here. I started playing basketball because of Kobe. I attacked the game the way he played both ends. I took so much things away from him, and he made a big impression on me as a kid, just about how to go about playing the game. I credit everything, aside from God-given talent, I credit everything else from him.”

Although Bryant last played in 2016, his influence is still felt today. Furthermore, his “” is still being talked about. Former NBA opponent spoke about Bryant’s mindset and why it is an important one for other players to follow.

“I think Kobe introducing some of those younger players to the mindset he approached the game with, and the greats before him approached the game with, was really important because it’s a true competitor’s mindset,” former rival Raja Bell said on CBS Sports HQ on Monday. “It is an alpha mindset. It is a I-want-to-be-the-best mindset. And, ultimately, when you’re playing a sport, it’s competition. That’s what you’re there for. You’re there to win; you’re there to try and conquer.”

The Last Word on Kobe Bryant and James Harden

Harden is far from the only NBA player to have been inspired by Bryant. Throughout his career, Bryant became one of the league’s most iconic figures. Whether Harden truly considers Bryant the greatest of all time or just his favorite is unclear. Regardless, it is clear Bryant has left an impact on the former MVP.


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