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NFC Contender May Shockingly Trade for Super Bowl Champion

Here is how NFC Contender the Minnesota Vikings may shockingly trade for Super Bowl champion, Robert Woods this offseason.
vikings may trade for woods

NFC contender the Minnesota Vikings may shockingly trade for Super Bowl champion wide receiver, Robert Woods this offseason. , they are urging the Vikings to sign a wideout to help Justin Jefferson after extending him to a mega deal. This move is possible considering they were able to ink a new contract, freeing $11 million in cap space. However, the source believes adding Woods to the Vikings’ receiving corps would give him more opportunity.

🐲Woods is in the last year of his two-year, $15.3 million deal with the Houston Texans, opening the conversation as a trade or cut candidate. The Texans are loading up at the wideout position after this offseason. Tank Dell and Nico Collins are the receivers next in line at the starting positions so this leaves Woods in the dark. Houston has a chance to cut him before the 2024 season and would save a minimum of $5 million in salary cap.

However, the former Super Bowl champion could excel in Minnesota’s offense with Jefferson and Jordan Addison. The Vikings still need a reliable third receiver so this trade would make sense considering it would leave the spotlight for Woods too. Minnesota should consider making this trade happen since Woods and Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell have chemistry with each other. They were together with the Los Angeles Rams for two years, including winning a Super Bowl in 2021.

It would make perfect sense since both of them have experience playing under Sean McVay so he should be on their radar. However, Woods is in the twilight of his career and his production is dipping below. He’s coming off a year where he was only able to record 40 receptions for 426 receiving yards and a touchdown last season.

NFC Contender Minnesota Vikings May Shockingly Trade for Super Bowl Champion Robert Woods

His Production Could Change

Woods isn’t going to be in his prime anymore but this doesn’t mean he can’t thrive in Minnesota’s offense. The 32-year-old would give the team a sense of transformation, especially for incoming quarterback J.J. McCarthy. The past two offseasons haven’t looked bright for the team that is looking to improve the running game. However, while Woods isn’t a running back, he could still add a boost to the run game as a slot receiver or in special trick plays.

💮Aaron Jones may be their biggest addition this offseason in terms of their running but Woods could be in the backfield to help as well. Woods could excel as a run-blocker while Jones finds the right holes to burst with speed to the end zone. According to Pro Football Focus, he was able to be an effective run-blocker in his time with the Rams. The veteran wideout ranked 10th in 2018 and 13th in 2019 in his run-blocking grade among all wide receivers.

However, Bleacher Report’s Bill Barnwell still that the Lions should look into the veteran after losing Josh Reynolds to the Denver Broncos. This leaves a perfect hole for Woods to be a part of a while Detroit has a promising future with the season they had last year. Here are some potential trade fits for Woods.

Potential Trade Fits for Woods

The Baltimore Ravens still need a low-cost effective third receiver to help Zay Flowers and Rashod Bateman after Odell Beckham Jr’s departure. They were able to extend Bateman longer but he hasn’t been doing anything special. Woods is aging but he could provide some temporary relief like how Beckham did when he was around. However, a team that would look into the veteran most likely will be the Kansas City Chiefs.

They were able to retain Mecole Hardman on a one-year deal but they should get Woods on a longer contract to see what he can do. It’s a high-risk given his slow production but it’s a boost since Rashee Rice will be missing some games this season. Another spot that would help boost his play would probably be with Jim Harbaugh in Los Angeles.

The Chargers don’t have a lot of big names in their receiving corps. This would open the door for Woods to step in to make one more career run before he retires. Mike Williams and Keenan Allen’s absences are going to hurt the team but Woods has a similar experience that would help Justin Herbert.


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